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Stop the Busyness

  Whenever I talk to people these days, I get a common answer. I’m busy. I’m busy working. I’m busy on nineteen hundred projects. I’m busy taking care of the kids. I’m busy volunteering. I’m busy seeing friends. I’m soooo busy I can’t think. All this busyness shows a general lack of enthusiasm in what you’re doing. There’s no emotion. None. There’s no excitement. There’s no joy. It’s coasting from one thing to the next without thinking. Saying, I’m busy, indicates that you’d rather be somewhere else doing something else than whatever it is you’re busy on. Stop for a second. Think about it. Are you really busy? Are you actually distracted from doing what’s important? Stop. Get still. Get intentional. What is your intention for the day? Instead of I’m busy on a project, change your mindset to: As a result of this project, my client will understand how to improve their business capabilities. Instead of I’m busy taking care of the kids, change your mindset to: I’m spending quality time to nourish my kids’ growth and development. How you approach your day says a lot about how you think during the day. If it’s a drag or if it’s something enriching and inviting. If you catch yourself saying, I’m busy, think to yourself: Why am I really doing what I’m doing right now? If it’s not important, do something that brings you joy.   Lora Polowczuk Chief Energy Officer © Priority Retreats International

Can You Be Last and First at the Same Time?

When was the last time you did something for the first time? In this day and age, we’re running from one thing to the next. We hardly have time to know what we’re actually doing or even why. We go here and we go there. We then get resentful that we don’t have time for our favorite, joyful activities. Suddenly, it all becomes monotonous. Ever wonder where that spark went? Remember that joy when you did something for the first time and got all giddy like a kid? Yet, there was an anticipation that scared the heck out of you, too? When was the last time you did that? That’s what happened this past weekend! I performed the Tryolean Traverse. It’s crossing a river using a harness and ropes tied between trees on either side of a river. Think of a hire wire act with rope and gear.  And, it met all the stages of change. It went like this. Wait, what am I doing? Why do I have to do this to get to the other side? Uh, what was I thinking? The first stage is doubt. Then, it was – How do I do this? How do I rig my harness and gear to not fall into the river. The second stage is Adapt your knowledge. When I drew upon my prior climbing knowledge I could easily figure out how to rig the system even though I hadn’t done it exactly this way before. Next, How do I sit in the harness and move my bag and me across? This feels weird. The third stage is awkward. How do I do this by myself? Fourth stage. Ask for help. Too often, we are afraid to seek other’s assistance. We need support in our new endeavors. Luckily, another person offered to hand me my bag once I was rigged and safe. This made it much easier to be safe and go into the next move. Fifth stage. Go for it. I walked one arm in front of the other, swung my feet on the rope, and pushed my bag along with me to the other side of the creek. In the face of uncertainty. Go for it! That was hard work. I wondered if my arms still had stamina to climb! Sixth Stage. Acknowledge and Celebrate. Wow! I can’t believe I did that! How fun was that! Now it’s time to explore a new climbing crag and go climbing.   I share this so you can identify where you can take on new endeavors. What’s something big that you want to go after? What stage are you with that endeavor? These are all stages of moving outside your comfort zone and ending the monotonous in your life. What will courageous leap will you take today? Lora Polowczuk Chief Energy Officer © Priority Retreats International