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What Are You Really in Control Of?

After 10 years with the same company, Jill’s last day as a corporate director arrived. She had a knot in her stomach. The layoff package was on her desk for final signature. What could have I done differently, she thought. The house is paid off. The kids are in a good school. Yet, her mind was on edge. Her marriage was a wreck and her kids barely talked to her. Jill’s friends barely remember to invite her to gatherings as she was usually too busy working. All she really wanted was to feel something again and get off the rat race. As Jill left the brick building, she went for a walk in a nearby park and asked herself, what could I have controlled differently? Jill realized she lashed out at her team when the project didn’t go right. She ate uncontrollably when project deadlines weren’t met. She had no energy when she came home, and ignored her husband and kids, throwing pizza in the oven for dinner. It’s time to take back control of what I can control. I will eat healthy and begin a daily walking program. I will plan two family days a month to stop the rushing around and spend quality time together. I will learn how to manage my emotions and learn stress management techniques. I will say “yes” to fun activities that make me come alive inside. I will take ownership for the choices that led me down this path. It’s up to me to change my choices. Three months later, Jill started a new job with a sense of calm and ease. She had sustained energy throughout the day. Her marriage began to blossom and her kids invited her to play cards with them. It was a new day, a new time, a new approach to life. Jill took the initiative to get still and identify what really wasn’t working. Will you? Wishing you an abundant, joyful and prosperous day! Lora Polowczuk Chief Energy Officer © Priority Retreats International

How You Can Be An Olympian For Your Dreams

What do you want to become a champion in? The best parent? The best employee? A successful business owner? The best spouse ever? A best friend? A world changer? The amazing part is – you have the capacity to become one! Keep in mind, it doesn’t happen overnight. This past week, I have been in awe watching the Olympics. How did the U.S. Gold Medal snowboarder, Chloe Kim, perform a 1080? That’s three full rotations in the air? Simple. Practice. Practice. Practice. Chloe Kim dedicated time each and every day to make it happen. She surrounded herself with loving people who supported her journey. Chloe wasn’t afraid to go for it. She believed she could do it. Chloe Kim visualized how to correct a move if it was too over or under rotated. When was the last time you visualized or thought how to handle something if it didn’t go quite right? Maybe you wanted to approach your boss about a good idea. Did you consider all the possible scenarios? Of course you visualized the praise for acceptance of the idea. But, did you consider if only part of the idea would be accepted? Chloe developed the habits and routine to get her there. What habits support your journey to reach your dreams on a daily and weekly basis? I won’t lie. I don’t always enjoy going to the gym for intense workouts. Yet, it pays off when I climb higher in the mountains. Are you willing to get through the hard parts for the beautiful payoff? What habits will propel you forward? Sometimes it’s as easy as setting out your gym clothes the night before to get you to hit the gym in the morning. Wishing you an abundant, joyful and prosperous day! Lora Polowczuk Chief Energy Officer © Priority Retreats International

Bring Spice Into Your Relationships

Do you have a romantic relationship, friendship, or other kinship that has gone flat? How do you add spice back into your connections? Check this out! Jill and Don have been married for over 15 years. Jill knows exactly what to expect. She’ll get a dozen roses and a box of chocolates. Same old, same old. They’ll likely bicker when they first get home and retreat to their corners of the house barely saying a word to each other except to acknowledge who is taking the kids to practice tonight. Don recognized they’ve been growing apart for a while and he truly wanted to re-engage with his best friend, confidant, and travel partner. With the flick of a switch, Don planned a lavish night.  Jill walked in after a frantic day at the office to dim light lights, rose petals (laid out by the kids) led to a 4 course meal for the entire family. The kids were excited to see their parents getting along again. Jill noticed a corner of paper sticking out from underneath her dinner plate. Don, with a gentle voice, said, “Go ahead and open it.” It was a gorgeously decorated envelope. Inside there was an invitation to join her husband for an exclusive weekend at a remote cabin in the nearby national forest. Tears began running down Jill’s face. She desperately wanted a break to disconnect from work and rekindle her marriage. Jill reached over and hugged her husband for the first time in months. How can you bring zest back to your romantic relationship? If you’re not in one, don’t fret. What can you do for a friend, family member, colleague, or even stranger that can use some extra love? It’s time to add spark into your relationships. May kindness, peace, and love rain onto this Valentine’s Day. Wishing you a loving, warm, and joyful day! Lora Polowczuk Chief Energy Officer © Priority Retreats International

Are You Ready For That Big Opportunity?

As I’m watching the Super Bowl, I can’t stop asking myself – Are you ready for the big game? All eyes are on you. Your actions will make one city cheer and another cry. Your actions are being watched by over 110 million people across the United States and world. The impact you make will be talked about for days and years to come. When you receive that amazing opportunity (perhaps your dream job), how will you respond? What would you say? I’m too tired and exhausted. I can’t add anything more to my plate. I don’t get enough sleep now. I want to but I can’t right now. Or, would you jump for joy? Would you say, I know what to do to clear my schedule to make it happen. I believe in my capabilities. I’m glad I do what it takes to have energy and stamina in my life. Opportunities are mere challenges to stretch yourself and go beyond what you think you’re capable of. Yes, there will be butterflies in your stomach. There will be self-doubt that you can do it. But, the impact is real. In the past, how have you risen to the challenge? What worked and what didn’t? What can you improve for next time? I want you to have the energy, stamina, and endurance for the big game or opportunity when it comes. Its takes daily preparation and practice. It takes stillness to figure out what’s important and courageous steps to move forward in the right direction. Wishing you an abundant, joyful and prosperous day! Lora Polowczuk Chief Energy Officer © Priority Retreats International