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Your life is not in harmony

  With the fall equinox, it’s a perfect time to examine the balance within all facets of your life. You strive to have balance in everything you do. Afterall, they say let’s have work, life balance, right? The funny thing is that’s there’s no such thing as balance. Within everything you do there’s an ebb and flow. No one works exactly eight hours, sleeps eight hours, works out one hour day and spends the rest of their time with loved ones. You only wish that was the case! Here is where you can start. Over the summer, something magical was brought to fruition. Something blossomed more than you ever thought it could. You gave a situation, a project or a relationship a little extra love and attention. What can you celebrate? Best of all, how will you celebrate it? This is such an important step. And, most of you miss it completely. It is time to celebrate all the effort you put in! If you don’t celebrate, you end up cranky and resentful that no one noticed what you did. And, who wants to be a part of that. On the flip side, there’s also the hard truths. You likely sacrificed parts of your life to make something happen. There are exactly 99 days left this year. If you spent 1 hour a day on one project for the next 99 days, you can bring a tremendous amount of progress forward. What facets of your life can come back into harmony? What areas did you leave in the dark that require extra sun, water, and nourishment right now. There’s time to end this year on a high note. At the equinox celebrate the light of your accomplishments and the darkness of where improvements are warranted.  Wishing you an abundant, joyful and prosperous day! Lora Polowczuk Chief Energy Officer © Priority Retreats International

Got Integrity?

Most people want to believe they are in a high state of integrity. Tony’s eyes are heavy and his body feels swollen from the junk food he’s consumed all day to keep his energy up. While extremely tired, he starts creating a high-dollar customer proposal at 4:00pm. This was his first opportunity to begin actual work after his meetings were complete. Ever feel you don’t have time to get the actual work done? Tony jokingly laughed in his head. Why do I always work on my highest deliverables at the end of the day when I’m not fresh. He was committed to completing the proposal. He called up his friends and said, he’d miss the pizza and beer guys football night. Secretly, he wanted to hang out with the guys and enjoy some laughs. Finally, at 9:00pm, he hit the send key and went home. Tony fell asleep on his couch in his suit with a microwave dinner half eaten on the coffee table. Upon waking the next morning, he checked his email eagerly waiting for a response for the proposal. There it was. He quickly opened the email excited with glee. It read: Thank you Tony for this detailed and well-thought out proposal. One thing we really convey in our culture is that late hours and proposals filled with typos and errors is not how our company functions. While the proposal as a whole looks great, we cannot work with a partner who expects this of us. Thank you for your time. Tony felt as if a dagger went through his heart. He sat at his kitchen table struck from the response. He was speechless. After a deep sigh, he said. I’m in integrity with my work yet not any other aspect of my life. This has got to stop. What are you truly committed to? The busyness? The paycheck? Will you be in integrity with your highest good? In integrity with your highest potential? It is time for self-reflection on what integrity in all aspects of your life really means. Wishing you an abundant, joyful and prosperous day! Lora Polowczuk Chief Energy Officer © Priority Retreats International

Intertwined: Anger, Forgiveness, and Letting Go

As summer winds down and the cool crisp air sets in, what old situations are calling for release? When we let situations fester, our hearts hurt and build walls of protection. You let nothing in and yet everything you crave and desire comes in. Amazing opportunities sit outside waiting for you to let your barriers down. Liz and Donna strolled through the park weekly during their lunch break. This was deemed their “Company venting session.” They complained about teammates, bosses, and management. Yet, they never considered changing their approach to a relationship or even thinking about the problem from a different perspective. Situations that don’t go as expected can leave us frustrated and angry. This pent up anger can then lead to outbursts that end up affecting those around us even though they may not be part of the original situation. When this negative energy continues to dwell on us, it weighs us down.
  • We develop a foul mood.
  • Our bodies become lethargic.
  • We become mentally foggy.
  • We become reactive.
  • We even gain weight.
  • Tension develops in our bodies and muscles and joints may ache.
Sound familiar? Perhaps you need to forgive yourself for not giving your all to an activity. Perhaps someone didn’t treat you fairly. Maybe you are still carrying a tragic event that happened in your childhood. It sucks when things don’t go your way. How can you forgive those that hurt you? To release is to let go and forgive. The question is – what can we learn from it? How do we transform it into making us a better person? I always say my father’s death as a kid was the best and worst thing that ever happened to me. I now appreciate life and live life to its fullest. Think about how you can transform those bad experiences into something you can learn from. The full moon later this week always represents the light among the darkness. So, on every full moon. I love to perform this easy, simple ritual. Find a quiet place. Take a few minutes and write down everything you need to release – people, events, situations, etc. Then, burn this piece of paper. (Do this outside your residence and keep water nearby so nothing else catches on fire.) When you release the old, you allow room for rich new experiences to enter your life. This also gives you more energy for the opportunities headed your way!  Wishing you an abundant, joyful and prosperous day! Lora Polowczuk Chief Energy Officer © Priority Retreats International

Work Too Much?

Ever thought you work too much? It comes across our minds at some point in our life. All for what? To create a better life for your kids, families, and significant other. With the onset of the Labor Movement, children became protected and no longer forced into slave labor. This became the idea behind our Labor Day holiday.  Yet, for many people, one thing hasn’t changed over the last one hundred plus years. You continue to work long days.  Yes, you make more than bare minimum wage. You have a more spacious house.  You eat better quality food.  You have access to more information and technology. The funny thing is this. You can take your six figure plus salary and divide it by your hours working and you’re hourly rate isn’t that high. You also feel that something valuable is missing.  Time freedom. So, what’s really changed since then? Your ability to choose how you spend your time. Technology is wonderful. We get more done faster. Yet, it’s also your biggest distraction. The difference between the successful elite and the six figure stressed out worker is this: 1)      Spend your time and energy on what moves you forward,  2)      Eliminate distractions, and  3)      Make better, faster decisions.  These three play off each other.  Make daily conscious choices that utilize your time and energy to move you forward.  Wishing you an abundant, joyful and prosperous day! Lora Polowczuk Chief Energy Officer © Priority Retreats International