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How to Find the Good on Bad Days

Ever had a bad day? Or, several bad days strung together? Its sucks, right? Whether it’s the jack-knifed tractor trailer causing a three hour commute home, train delays, a screaming kid on a flight or even food poisoning, these are all lackluster situations beyond your control. Yet, when you get home, you project your bad situation onto a loved one. You raise your voice, get angry, or complain as soon as you walk in the door. Have you ever been on the receiving side of someone else’s bad day? Not fun, right? It’s easy to complain. It’s easy to dwell on a situation that created upheaval in your life. Yet, few of us “take time to smell the roses”. Instead of complaining or projecting your anger onto someone, ask yourself this. What’s the opportunity in this? A long commute may be the time needed to calm a brain that’s been overworked or overtaxed all day. It may be a time to practice some breathing techniques that calm you. Food poisoning may be the universe telling you that your body really needs some rest. What can you do to find the good on a bad day? Listen for a kid’s laughter. Watch the leaves rustle in the wind. Notice beautiful flowers pop on an otherwise boring landscape. How you choose to see the world is up to you. Today, what do you choose to see?   Wishing you an abundant, joyful and prosperous day! Lora Polowczuk Chief Energy Officer © Priority Retreats International

Lessons learned from two extremely successful people

You never know who may walk down your path, into your life, or sit next to you at a restaurant bar. What happens if this person can connect you with exactly what you desire in your life right now? How do you respond to anyone? First, do you even acknowledge the person sitting next to you? Or, are you so distracted by your phone that you don’t? Here’s what I learned from meeting two extremely successful people last week: (1)    People want you to succeed! Can you clearly convey what you’re passionate about? Can you show excitement about it, and share vulnerability in what challenges you face? By stating this, I was introduced to someone walking out of a room that could help me with the biggest challenge I currently face. (2)    Don’t be afraid to ask them a hard question. What was their biggest challenge and how did they rise above it? You may get some surprising answers. (see number 4) (3)    Highly successful people are “Go-Givers” not a “Go-Getters.” First, they give at the highest level. Then, they ask for what may help them. (4)    Highly successful people are overly prepared. Don’t walk into a situation by winging it. Take necessary steps to understand the details, be prepared in all possible situations to have the appropriate conversations. Yet, don’t be a perfectionist and waste time. (5)    Highly successful people listen and are sincere. In a conversation do you usually talk too much or can you clearly convey back to someone what you just heard? Napoleon Hill said in his famous book, Think and Grow Rich: “Deliberately seek the company of people who influence you to think and act on building the life you desire.” Be open to opportunities. You never know who you will meet one day. Who do you choose to spend your time with? Do they raise you up to the next level in business, life and relationships? Special Invitation: I invite you to join me on August 11-14th in Estes Park, CO to rise up to the next level. This retreat offers a small unique community with carefully selected individuals to transform your life and unlock your potential to reach the next level. Reply to this email to see if you’re a good fit. Wishing you an abundant, joyful and prosperous day! Lora Polowczuk Chief Energy Officer © Priority Retreats International

Embrace the struggle

Lilly laid down on the lush green grass peppered with intermittent dead pieces from long periods of no rain striking at her bare leg. All Lilly could do was rest. She couldn’t think one more thought. Her head was throbbing from a sudden onset migraine. All Lilly wanted to do was be productive for the day. After all, she was on a roll knocking out tasks until noon hit and the migraine took over. There was little she could do until the headache subsided. Ever have something stop you in your tracks? One of the hardest things to do is accept that where you are is not where you want to be. In our lives, we want better careers, better relationships, more money and more out of life. Sound familiar? Yet, we get frustrated along the way. We want to be there now. We get impatient. We want it to happen now. Acceptance is not having to agree with your current situation. It’s about getting still and taking stock of where you are. What’s working right now? What needs change? Do you just need some rest? Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end. – Robin Sharma Acceptance allows you to enjoy the present moment and embrace the messy middle. Today, how can you do this? 1)      How can you accept what is? 2)      How can you enjoy the moment (and even laugh at yourself)? 3)      How can you embrace the messy middle? Wishing you an abundant, joyful and prosperous day! Lora Polowczuk Chief Energy Officer © Priority Retreats International P.S. Ready to embrace the messy middle? Join me August 11-14th for an outdoor journey where we will dive deep into the transformation you desire and step into living at your highest potential. This outdoor retreat is a unique experience to tap into your deepest desires and make them flourish. Email me and let’s see if you’re a good fit.

Choice, Freedom, and You: Set Yourself Up for Success

Robert, still foggy from his poor sleep, rubbed his eyes and reached for his phone on the nightstand. Before even getting out of bed, he checked the news, social media, and email. His thumb hurt from scrolling up and down on his phone. Looking at the clock, he quickly rushed to take a shower and get to work. In the process he forgot to eat breakfast, but sneaked into a local bakery with no line and picked up a sugary muffin. He figured that would be quick and fast. While replying to the onslaught of work emails and staring aimlessly into the computer screen, he ate his muffin in whole chunks not realizing he barely chewed his food. Sound familiar? At some point, most of us have done this at least once. Yet, we fail to acknowledge what we are doing, or the long term effects. Being intentional with time and energy starts the moment your brain erupts out of sleep. You choose when you get out of bed. You choose how to start your day. You choose what to eat. You choose how to eat. You choose what to spend time on. You choose how to utilize your energy. What you choose and how you choose to do it – is how you exhibit your freedom in your daily life. “Money won’t create success, the freedom to make it will.” – Nelson Mandela Freedom gives you the opportunity to choose. Will you choose what is in alignment with your deepest desires? How will you be more intentional with every moment? Wishing you an abundant, joyful and prosperous day! Lora Polowczuk Chief Energy Officer © Priority Retreats International P.S. Join me August 11-14th for an outdoor retreat where we will dive deep into the choices you make and how to maximize these choices to live to your highest potential. This retreat is a unique experience to tap into your deepest desires and make them flourish. Email me to see if you’re a good fit.

Are You on Track to Hit Your 2018 Goals?

July is fast approaching. Did you execute everything you wanted for the first half of 2018? Are you on track to hit those New Year’s Resolutions out of the park? Most people set goals that have no meaning. Therefore, it’s easy to push them aside or get distracted. After all, we live in a time with an abundance of opportunity. Yet, we rarely learn how to distinguish what to say Yes to and what to say No to. When we don’t hit our goals, we easily lose momentum. It sucks! All the excitement drops and we throw up our hands and say, it will never happen. We get down on ourselves. Instead of going down the dark rabbit hole of despair, here’s how to keep the momentum going: (1) Set goals that excite you.   Can you wake up every morning and be excited about what you’re working on? Imagine what it will feel like to have accomplished that goal. Embody the energy of a completed goal every morning. There’s a difference between, I want to lose 10 pounds versus I want to have more energy to play with my kids. This is what also helps when obstacles, barriers, and problems are in the way. (2) Schedule time in your day to work on your goals. Do you have dedicated, uninterrupted time block (2 hours a day) to reach your goals? Two hours a day times 365 days a years is 730 hours. How much progress can you make in your career, life, or relationships when you dedicate 730 hours a year to it? “Little steps create big gains over time.” (3) Plan for setbacks. When your goals hit an obstacle or life throws you a curveball, what strategies do you employ to get back on track? What resources do you need? Did you know that Olympic runners create a strategy for what they will do if they fall during a race? They even practice how they will get up. Bring meaningful, impactful goals into your career, life, and relationships. If you truly want to make an impact on those around you and society at large, it’s up to you to show up every day dedicated to make this happen. Wishing you an abundant, joyful and prosperous day! Lora Polowczuk Chief Energy Officer © Priority Retreats International P.S. I’m offering a special opportunity to bring this together for you in real-time this August. I want you to reach the next level in your career, life, and relationships. Come spend 4 days and 3 nights with me in beautiful Estes Park, CO where we will create your living legacy, release what’s holding you back, and step into a bigger, bolder, braver you – ready to live out your life-sized ideas and dreams. Email me and let’s see if you’re a good fit. Let’s not wait another 6 months to turn your dreams into reality.

How Knowledge is Hurting You

Have you ever started a Google search only to end up watching 3 YouTube videos, having 10 different websites open, and losing 3 hours of your day? It’s okay to admit it. Most of us have been there at some point. With more technology, you are bombarded by information 24/7. Or maybe, you’ve read leadership books or taken an online course,  but then what? You likely didn’t implement anything. You’re not the first and you’re not alone. The problem is knowledge doesn’t get us anywhere. True growth only happens when we implement new knowledge. I’m here to tell you that something has to change. I know you’re a strong-willed, motivated person. I know you want to impact the world with big ideas. I know you want to be a positive person and lead those around you, whether it’s at work, at home, or in your community. It’s time for you to make a positive difference in the world. It’s your time to stop thinking about it and start doing it. I believe you can do it. Because of this, I’ve created the inaugural Courageous Path Outdoor Retreat to get you going. Together, we will identify the impact you truly want to make. We will identify and conquer the obstacles you face. And, ultimately, build the courage to step into the career, life, and relationships you truly want. It’s time to let go of what’s holding you back and step into the future you’ve been dreaming of. Together we will use nature as our guide to implement the changes you want. This small group atmosphere away from technology will get you still, move you in purposeful directions, and build your courage muscles to implement your dream and make a huge impact. Ready to implement your dream instead of talking about it? This retreat will take place August 11th-14th. Want to know more? Email me or PM me on social media to get the details.   Do you want to be in the same place three months from now that you are in today? What choice will you make? I’m here to guide you to your full potential and live life to the max. There are only 3 spots left. Contact me today. Wishing you an abundant, joyful and prosperous day! Lora Polowczuk Chief Energy Officer © Priority Retreats International

Are You Really Passionate About Your Dreams?

Dreams are not as far fetched as you may think. Gillian laid in bed one night. For twenty years she dreamed about playing in an orchestra again. When Gillian was in high school, she loved how playing the violin made her feel inside. Gillian’s soul vibrated as the melody’s tone went up and down in pitch. Then, all came together in harmony with the other instruments. She dreamed one day of being a conductor, leading an orchestra with the state symphony. As she got older, she dropped playing the violin. Her job was demanding as was her new family. Yet, every time she listened to classical music, her heart vibrated with joy. She got present in the moment, and her body was electrified inside and out. Out of the blue, Gillian saw an ad for auditions for her state symphony scheduled to take place in 6 weeks. What if? What if I audition, she thought? What’s the worst that could happen? Gillian stopped everything she was doing and searched for violin teachers in her area. After hearing Gillian’s enthusiasm and excitement, a local violin teacher agreed to take her on as a student if she agreed to the following: An hour long lesson twice a week and practice daily for an hour. She sat back for a moment in self-doubt. Can I really do this? Get ready to audition in 6 weeks? What about my job? What about my family?  Gillian’s family saw how much she became alive when she talked about this. She scheduled a housekeeper and had the family assist in cooking meals. Her desire to become part of the symphony became a family calling. They all rallied to support her. Gillian became so focused at work that she was more productive in less time. Her boss was impressed and secretly cheering her on. The big day came. It was audition day. Gillian was nervous yet knew she put all her effort in to the best of her ability. They called her name. She sat down, took a deep breath and played the best 2 minutes of a classical piece she’d played in her head for over 20 years. The judges immediately said – You’re in! Gillian devoted one hour a day to her dream. Can you do this? Ask yourself this:
  •        How passionate are you really?
  •        What are you willing to do to make your dreams happen?
  •        Who do you need to become to make your reality?
“The only difference between a dream and a goal is a deadline.” Are you ready to get back in tune with your passions? And, find out how to make them become reality? Stay tuned, I will announce shortly an outdoor retreat to get you back in touch with your dreams and release what’s holding you back. It’s time to put your dreams in reality. I can wait to share this with you.   Wishing you an abundant, joyful and prosperous day! Lora Polowczuk Chief Energy Officer © Priority Retreats International

Why The Little Things Matter More

Ever wonder why you can brush your teeth every morning but can’t get that one email out the door or lose those pesky 5 pounds? We focus on the big outcome instead of the little things. We easily react in fury and anger when our significant other doesn’t do something for us. Yet, at the same time, do we tell them what makes us happy? Do you ask your significant other for what you want on a weekly or monthly basis? Maybe it’s as simple as a take out meal once a month so you don’t have to cook. But, then you blow up at your significant other for never doing anything for you. Yet, you never asked for what you want. How does this translate at work? Your projects are boring. It’s the same monotonous project every single time. Your boss thinks you love it as you nail the project on time, and in budget each time. Yet, you’re drowning in boredom. You want to pull your hair out. All you want is a project that is challenging, new, and fun. Yet, you never ask for it. At the end of the year, you realized you gained 20 lbs out of boredom and can’t figure out why. It’s the little things you do each day that turn you into the person you want to become and create the reality you want. We get frustrated at the bigger outcome but don’t realize it’s what we do every day that leads to the bigger outcome. Do you have a big dream but can’t make any strides on moving it forward? You may doubt yourself. You may be afraid to fail. You may wonder if it’s really worth the time and effort even though it makes your heart sing. But, the big question is – Do you let others know what your dream is, how to support you or do you keep it all to yourself thinking it will magically happen? When you tell people, the world, what you want, the universe will conspire to make it happen. Are you willing to make small steps each day towards what you really want? Will you make this a habit just like you brush your teeth everyday? Small steps every day lead to big gains over time. Imagine how an hour a day on a specific project will progress with 365 hours over the course of a year. It will advance you immensely. The time to start is now.   Wishing you an abundant, joyful and prosperous day! Lora Polowczuk Chief Energy Officer © Priority Retreats International

It’s Time to Clear Out the Weeds and Reset Your Garden of Success

The dark winter nights are erupting into beautiful warm spring days. The first 3 months of 2018 have come to a close. This chapter is done. The big questions is, Where are you now compared to January 1, 2018? Are you still in the rat race and going through the motions? Or, have you made noticeable progress? Have you even taken the time to notice? Yes, this is a hard conversation to have. The cool part is – you only have to do this with yourself. When I did this last year, I had to make some tough decisions. I had to identify where my time was spent and if my time was spent on activities that were meaningful to me. Upon this assessment, I realized I spent too much time serving on too many non-profit leadership boards. I also recognized I had gaps in knowledge for my business. While difficult, this reprioritization freed up significant time to focus on what I love versus giving for the sake of giving and draining myself in the process. Now it’s your time! Pull out pen and paper and journal about the following:
  •        What’s working well in your life, career, and relationships right now?
  •        What’s not working right now?
  •        What habits can you change?
  •        Who do you need to become to make this happen?
Spring is about removing the weeds before they overtake your garden. If you’ve ever pulled up a dandelion weed, you know how deep the root is. It’s not about trimming off the top. Old habits are deep rooted. Cut off the root and the whole weed dies. How does this translate into real life? Where do you need to declutter? A messy office. A disorganized closet. Old stuff you’re keeping around that you haven’t used for years? Too many projects? By eliminating what’s no longer wanted, you can create the open space you want to thrive and attract opportunities that do serve you. What do you want to nourish, grow, and flourish? On June 30, 2018, I want you to have a different story. I want you to thrive. I want you to grow and expand your capabilities. It’s spring and it’s time to weed out what no longer serves you and instead nourish what you truly want. Wishing you an abundant, joyful and prosperous day! Lora Polowczuk Chief Energy Officer © Priority Retreats International

Self-Sacrifice vs. Self-Responsibility

Jill deemed herself ultra-responsible. Anyone could count on her. She always stayed late at the office to help out a colleague or finish the project deadline. Jill charged up the success ladder and was rewarded well for her ambitions. All seemed good…. Until she realized, her friends never answered her calls to go out for dinner. She recognized she bailed on the last 10 invites. Jill even skipped holidays with family to crank out the big projects. Over the years, Jill gained excessive weight, her joints hurt, she felt like she was going through early Alzheimer’s even though she was only 40. She looked and felt older than she actually was. She felt lethargic, exhausted, and no longer had the zest for life. One night late at work, her fingers suddenly felt numb. She got concerned and called 911. Jill was having a mini-stroke. She was lucky to catch it in time and recover from it without severe loss of function. While recuperating in the hospital, Jill realized she always sacrificed her own well-being for that of everyone else.  While she considered herself very responsible, she took zero responsibility for her own life. Jill began a 90 day campaign called Self-Responsibility. Everyday, she would do something for herself. Some days she strolled through a park. Other days she cooked healthy meals for her network of friends. Jill regained her zest for life and planned her first vacation in years. Jill decided that if she wanted to make an impact on the world, she could only do this if she had more energy and zest in her life. Jill took responsibility for her own life and made it a priority instead of putting it on the back burner. Self-responsibility leads to greater joy, aliveness, and engagement in life. Where in your life do you self-sacrifice vs take self-responsibility? What can you change today to take more self-responsibility?   What’s on your bucket list? How can you make one item on your bucket list happen in the next 90 days?   Wishing you an abundant, joyful and prosperous day! Lora Polowczuk Chief Energy Officer © Priority Retreats International