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Do you Celebrate Your Contributions?

Brian took pride that his project team and dedicated employees brought forth the company’s first major product to market in record time. Before the press releases even went out, Brian already was planning their next big product. His all-star team slowly went from ecstatic to dejected. Another big project with more hours, more time, more energy. Ever been a part of something huge that no one celebrated? It sucks, right? His amazing team started dreading coming to work each day and started missing deadlines for investors. This all-star team slowly dissolved, feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. As human beings, we all want validation and acknowledgement. Here’s what you can do:
  • Acknowledge what you did accomplish each day in a journal. Too often we beat ourselves up for not getting enough done. Look upon this list at the end of the week and give yourself a pat on the back.
  • Take time to celebrate every 90 days (bare minimum!), preferably every month. Go do something fun that brings joy into your heart.
  • Identify ways to celebrate others – spouse, kids, friends, family, colleagues, team? Who doesn’t want someone cheering them on?
It’s only when you truly take the time to assess and measure how far you’ve come, that you can truly acknowledge what you’ve accomplished. You’ve done way more than you ever give yourself credit for. Take time to celebrate the amazingness that you are.   Wishing you an abundant, joyful and prosperous day! Lora Polowczuk Chief Energy Officer © Priority Retreats International

Are You Really Grateful?

John woke up one morning thinking he was all alone. The world was out to get him. He wondered why he was working so hard yet felt that he had nothing. A friend sent him a podcast and said, “You really should listen to this 10 minute audio.” While John ate his usual daily breakfast of eggs and toast, he listened with intent, hoping he would get some piece of advice to cheer him up. When was the last time you were grateful for the following?
  • Transportation: a car, bus, train that gets you from Point A to Point B.
  • Your eyes to see children play with joy, your ears to hear to avoid getting run over by a car, your nose to smell the sweet roses in summer time.
  • Your refrigerator that keeps your food from spoiling.
  • All the bad experiences that taught you a better way to live.
  • Your friends and family that do root for you.
  • A phone and other technology to connect with people near and far.
  • Clothes to cover your body.
It’s very easy to think of what we don’t have. We neglect the many wonderful people, situations, and material items we do have. Material is not always bad. Who doesn’t think a refrigerator or a stove is an important material item to have?   As Thanksgiving holiday is fast approaching, think about all the subtle items, people, and situations that we take for granted. Take this time to give thanks for all the amazingness you do have. I’m especially grateful that you support my journey to spread my messages around the world. Wishing you and your loved ones an abundant, joyful, and relaxing Thanksgiving holiday! Lora Polowczuk Chief Energy Officer © Priority Retreats International

Does the Time Change Bring on Fatigue?

With the change of season, the hours of sunlight diminish quickly. You may want to sleep more. You may feel less inclined to go out after work. Your energy seems less. You feel like you have less energy. And, all you want to do is curl up on the couch with a warm cup of brew and your favorite movie. But, is it really? Or, is this only your perception? Has your routine changed? Or, has your routine fallen off? Here’s the thing. It’s likely the latter, right? If your morning routine gives you energy. It doesn’t matter what time the sun comes up. Your morning routine is the same. Do you have a morning routine that energizes you? Does your morning routine get you excited for your day? Every morning, I have a specific set of activities that get me still and move me. This creates a chain reaction that gets me motivated everyday to tackle any challenges that are thrown my way. Carefully examine your morning: -What’s the first thing you do when your brain wakes up? i.e., this is before you even get out of bed. Do you dread your day? Do you wonder why you’re still tired? Do you hit the alarm? -What’s the first thing you do when your eyes open? Look at the clock? Think about your long to-do list? Think about how busy your day is going to be? Do you freak out that you slept late and don’t have time to make lunch for the kids? Do you check the latest social media feed? What would happen if you spent the first 30 minutes of your day on you? Getting yourself focused. Getting yourself energized.  Figure out what the strategy for your day is. This will dramatically change your life.    Wishing you an abundant, joyful and prosperous day! Lora Polowczuk Chief Energy Officer © Priority Retreats International

Do You Walk Past Dog Poop Daily?

Ever almost step in dog poop that wasn’t picked up? I had this exact moment last week while on a run along the river in Austin. I came within inches of stepping in dog poop. So, how does this relate to you? How often do we leave our s**t for others to handle and deal with? Think about it. Do you bring home a bad day of work and then your spouse and kids have to handle your bad day? You bring home a bad attitude and then let it affect every interaction for the rest of your evening. Or vice versa, you had an argument with a family member and then this permeates your attitude when you go to work. You’re short with a colleague for no reason at all. Perhaps you raise your voice when someone disagrees with your idea at a meeting. Does this ring a bell? We’ve all been there at some time or another. What’s the missing piece? Intention. We run with the motions so much that we don’t change our intention from situation to another or when we change the people we are with. Try this instead. Before walking into your next meeting or engagement with others – Take a breath – Ask yourself, what is your intention going into this meeting? How can you serve them? What outcome do you want to have? How can I raise the energy level of the people I’m with? Here’s how this works: When you transition from work to home. Before you get out of your car or enter the door to your home. Take a deep breathe. Say to yourself, once I walk through this door, I leave behind my work day, and will greet my loved ones with warmth and acknowledge their presence and honor them. Does that sound different than how you work now? Let me know how this works for you. Lora Polowczuk Chief Energy Officer © Priority Retreats International

Are You Seeking a Survival Enforcer or a Thrive Strategist?

  The choice is yours. What mode do you generally sit in, survive or thrive? Are you scraping bottom, rushing from one thing to the next, aimlessly wandering on to the next task on your ever growing to do list or just making ends meet? Perhaps you feel good because you’re always busy. And, since you’re busy this gives the appearance to others that you’re working on something important. You enjoy the comfort of your surroundings and don’t want to rock the boat. I mean if you rock the boat or steer it in a different direction, you may get hurt, right?!? And, people may not like us anymore. We definitely want to be well liked by everyone. And, the thought of failing at something would just be — horrible. Or, are you focused, carefully planning each step towards your dreams. You grow with every step, either learning from the mistake and attempting a new approach or figuring out the next step after that one. You adjust the direction of your boat based on what you’ve learned and how they may apply to the next step. This allows you to be open to what’s coming next and allow for new opportunities to arise in the process. Where do you fall? The first is survival mode. Its where a lot of people sit. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, we seek safety and security first. Do we have shelter, food and water? Yet, we also want to be validated and stable, and free of fear. This craving for stability and security keeps us trapped in a box. We love the box. It’s safe and we don’t get hurt. Security is knowing exactly what happen when. It’s if I do this, X will happen. Yet, then, we feel stuck in a box. Sound familiar? The second mode is thriving, to flourish, prosper, and succeed. In order to flourish, we must triumphant over what holds us stuck. It’s not easy to make ourselves vulnerable. (Did you know that vulnerable is the antonym for security?) It’s not easy to fail and pick ourselves back up, assess what happened, and apply the lessons learned. I mean – that’s down right difficult. It’s not easy to take the courageous leap into the unknown without a clear point of where we may land. Yet we want to feel what it’s like to flourish – to thrive – to succeed. Yet we recognize when we give up our attachment to the outcome, we will likely get something bigger and better than we expected. The choice is yours. Do you seek a Survival Enforcer? Or, do you seek a Thriving Strategist? If it’s the latter, Courageous Path’s program offers the steps and know how to keep you on the thriving cycle and teaches you how to take the courageous steps to keep you thriving.   Contact Lora, Chief Energy Officer, for a free strategy session. © Priority Retreats International

Replenish Your Soul

Are you pouring from an empty cup? It seems like everyday people are asking for our time, energy, and resources. Your spouse may want you to fix the house or go to the grocery store. Or, there’s another board meeting for the non-profit you sit on. We naturally want to help out. We want to please people. We want to make sure others are taken care of. We want to do good in the world. Yet, all of this comes at a price. When we always take care of everyone besides ourselves, we begin to lose our essence. We deplete our own energy. We put our passions aside. We even forget what brings us excitement. The funny things is. We tend to think it’s selfish if we focus on our needs and wants. We even feel guilty if we do something for ourselves. In fact, others may call us self-centered if we take care of ourselves. Think about. How often do we take the time to refill our own energy tanks. How does a car move without gas in the tank?  How can you pour your love and heart into someone or something if your own cup is empty? So, how do you replenish? How do you fill your cup back up so that its overflowing instead of empty? Its not enough to take a vacation once a year. What will you begin TODAY to re-energize yourself on a daily basis? Self-care is a habit and a practice. I do this through outdoor activities. What’s yours?   Let’s work on this together. Sign-up now for a free strategy session to move you forward and replenish your cup. Wishing you an energizing day! Lora Polowczuk Chief Energy Officer © Courageous Path LLC