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Lora Polowczuk


I had the opportunity to attend an in-person session with Lora to learn her techniques for high-performance and energy management. I found the session to be interactive and fun. More importantly I have adopted many of these techniques and incorporated them into my daily routine to maximize my own energy and efficiencies. I find myself actually thinking of Lora when I awake in the morning and take stock of my blessings, collect my thoughts and plan my day. I feel blessed to have Lora visit my personal daily rituals that enhance my own endeavors.

Lori Herrera
Managing Director, iKor

I worked with Lora during a critical period of my life. I had just begun my journey to become a coach, and had been planning to start my own business, but wasn’t ready to remove my employer’s “golden handcuffs.” Lora helped me to define my life’s purpose, my goals—which it turns out were much broader than simply starting a business—and my values. I soon left my job—which was not aligned with my values, and am well on my way toward becoming a certified coach. Lora’s coaching really helped with all aspects of this—my personal life, business, and development as a coach. Lora is an excellent coach and I highly recommend her!

Pam Marshall

Lora’s coaching changed my life. I let go of the worrying over what ‘could’ happen.’ I have a much more positive attitude on life, daily. I have set boundaries for other people so I have more time for myself. I can actually say no and not feel horrible about it. Yes! Your coaching changed my life. I’ve never felt so positive about just daily life and wanting to grow my faith and inner self and share my positive, loving energy like this before. Putting myself first for the first time ever has been huge. Taking the punches that life throws at me and punching back instead of falling down into a curled up ball on the floor. Being vulnerable is very new to me and scary and exciting and awesome at the same time. I feel with her coaching I have chosen to be brave and be vulnerable and because of it I feel more alive. She taught me to hold myself accountable when I have goals that are important to me. She taught me to keep my focus on today and all of the awesome things to look forward to. To let the past be the past. Your coaching has been a game changer and I am forever grateful.

Krista Wilson

Lora recently gave a lively and very informative presentation to the Denver chapter of Business and Professional Women (BPW) about how to prioritize our time and make our days more productive. Her down-to-earth and approachable nature was balanced perfectly with her very practical and professional suggestions for time management. I appreciated the helpful handout she provided as well as her suggestions for how to organize projects and prevent burn out. As a small-business owner who runs her own editing business from home (and has a rambunctious toddler), it’s difficult to compartmentalize and prioritize my professional and personal tasks. I’ve implemented several of Lora’s suggestions already, and am seeing clear benefits in both my professional and personal life. Lora is a true professional and time management queen!

Brooke Maddaford
Owner of Brooke Maddaford Editing and Writing, LLC

Lora gave great tips for getting organized and making the most of your day. She illustrated the consequences of distractions and offered alternative fixes. I learned I control my energy levels and time. Lora made all content relatable, contextualized, and put it into perspective. Her information was unique.

An Employee
Denver Better Business Bureau

This note is long overdue. But, I wanted to thank you before forgetting again. You were so kind and patient with Megan I while climbing the Lost Lake Trail. Thank you for carrying my snow shoes and sharing your mountain-climbing wisdom. My time in Colorado is forever etched in my memory and I appreciate the part you played in it.

Jason Taylor

Lora shared great information and her presentation was motivating. Self-help tips and tricks don’t usually stick for me. But since her presentation, I now find myself, more often than not, starting out the morning with her 3X3 exercise – before I even get out of bed! Lora’s two simple questions have made a big difference in my focus for the day and my attitude about what’s important and meaningful.

Kim Collie

What LB learned through coaching with Lora, “I am enough. Being true to myself and loving myself is really the first step towards my own happiness and I am more willing to have what, in my head, will be a difficult conversation, when in reality it ends up being quite positive.” LB described Lora’s coaching style as “the best part was her unbiased perspective of how I was acting. I often get bogged down in what I think is happening, but you helped me snap back to reality.


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Lora has a way of bringing out the best in everyone she works with. Whether it’s learning how to deal with burnout, find more joy and happiness in life, or achieving peak performance, Lora is the perfect resource for anyone to achieve these things.

-David T Fagan, Former CEO of Guerrilla Marketing

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