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Nature offers unrivaled experiences to build teamwork, communication, and trust.

Rejuvenate & Build Courage

Priority Retreats International offers 4 day U.S. based, 7 day international, 1-2 day corporate retreats, and/or customized retreats. Nature offers unrivaled experiences to build teamwork, communication, and trust. Join us in experiencing our unique experiential workshops and retreats in an outdoor environment. We create unique experiences outdoor that allow you to move beyond past obstacles, build courage muscles, and create your life legacy.

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Upcoming Retreats:

Puerto Rico May 13-18, 2019

Explore the Entrepreneurial Edge

David Fagan, former CEO of Guerilla Marketing, and Lora Polowczuk invite you to the lush beaches of Puerto Rico for a rejuvenating escape and enticing exploration of where you can take your business. From quiet plotting of your next big leap to turning obstacles into opportunities, your senses will wake-up with renewed energy for what’s possible.

Telluride, Colorado

Summer 2019
4 days 3 nights

Spain Fall 2019

Unravalthe Possibility
7 days 6 nights

Ouray, Colorado

Winter 2020
Turn Obstacles into Opportunities

Retreat Testimonial

I had the opportunity to attend an in-person session with Lora to learn her techniques for high-performance and energy management. I found the session to be interactive and fun. More importantly I have adopted many of these techniques and incorporated them into my daily routine to maximize my own energy and efficiencies. I find myself actually thinking of Lora when I awake in the morning and take stock of my blessings, collect my thoughts and plan my day. I feel blessed to have Lora visit my personal daily rituals that enhance my own endeavors.

-Lori Herrera, Managing Director, iKor

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